The F[Positive] Group Coaching

Do you want something more than a workshop? I got you covered! 

The "I am more" F[Positive] Group Coaching was designed to give you more than my foundation workshops, while you have the opportunity to learn and connect with other members of the group in a fun and supportive environment. 

What does the Group Coaching Cover? 

In the F[Positive] Group Coaching we cover all topics of the foundation Online Workshops in more extensive sessions which are interactive and thought provoking!  
"I am more"  was created for bringing the best out of you! During these sessions we'll discuss about reconnecting to your true authentic self, defining your life's purpose, identifying limiting beliefs and fears,  reconnecting to your divine feminine essence, and how to shift your perception about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, by connecting mind and body. 

How does the Group Coaching run?

"I am more" starts as soon as all available spots are filled. Once we are all in the group,  we are ready to start! We get online once a week over the period of 3 months and we discuss about all these topics that will make you are a more confident you! The workshops will run at GMT+8 time. The time of each session will vary, as I'll try to cover as many timezones as possible. In case you can not join or you miss a session, don't you worry! All sessions will be recorded and available for you online! 



During these 12 x 60 minutes sessions, we will dive deeper into all aspects that make you the Fierce, Fearless, Feminine, Fit and Strong woman that you were born to be.  Confidence is like a muscle and during the "I am more" sessions we'll discuss and practice ways of keeping our self-esteem in shape.

Are you ready?

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