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Here is where unshakable confidence starts! Here's where we set the foundation of the woman you want to become. I have specifically created 4 core workshops that will help you build a better understanding and relationship with yourself. Each of these workshops aim to raise your level of self-awareness in order to become a fierce, fearless, strong woman!

I believe you are more than you think you are, and that's what we'll find out during these 90 minutes workshops. It will be fun, creative, and you'll leave the workshop having a different perception. During each workshop we'll work together in order to determine what you need most moving forward and we'll create an action plan that will help you reach your goals.

So what you do you think? Are you ready?

I am Fierce

During the “I am Fierce” workshop we will work on connecting you with your true authentic self, identify key traits of your personality, strengthen your individuality and discover your life path.  It’s about embracing who you really are and finding out what you really love doing. 

During this in-depth session will cover:

  • Identify aspects of your personality that make you uniquely you
  • Analyze past and current influences of your life
  • Define your life purpose
  • Tools and techniques you need moving forward

I am Divine Feminine

In this workshop we'll discuss about what really means to embrace your feminine essence as a woman and how to step into your divine feminine power. The world needs women who are not afraid to be all of who they are! After this workshop, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the conscious feminine leader you were born to be.

During this depth session will cover:

  • The dynamics of feminine energy vs masculine energy
  • Ways to re-connect to your divine feminine self
  • The importance of balancing these energies
  • Become a conscious, feminine leader and the impact that this has in your life

I am Fearless

Are you tired of being discouraged, lacking in self-confidence and questioning what are you capable of? During this workshop, we will identify what is holding you back, and find ways on how to overcome these limiting beliefs, self-doubt and fear. It is time to step into a new courageous you!

During this in-depth session we'll cover:

  • Deconstruct limiting beliefs about life and you
  • Build self-confidence
  • Confront your fears so you can live courageously
  • Tools and techniques you need moving forward

I am Fit and Strong

How is your relationship with your fitness? Using the lever habits of mindset, nutrition and fun, you will be able to kickstart your health and fitness in no time. During this workshop, we'll discuss how to adopt a new approach to your fitness, enjoy great nutrition, and create lifestyle changes that last!

During this in-depth session we'll cover:

  • Deconstruct limiting beliefs about fitness and nutrition
  • Learn to be connected to your body
  • Value those small efforts and cultivate them into an automatic lifestyle
  • Tools and techniques you need moving forward

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