F[Positive] was birthed from a deep passion and desire to see the ambitious modern woman move away from conventional and societal constraints and step into a world of confidence, freedom, and purpose. It is an online mindset coaching brand and community, where women who want to forge their own lives can come together to find support, growth and encouragement in their pursuit of their dreams.

Today’s women have been raised with the viewpoint that feminine qualities such as patience, gentleness and vulnerability are weak characteristics and therefore inferior. F[Positive] takes an active role into fostering these female aspects as we believe that much of what makes a woman beautiful, unique and confident lies in these very qualities.

Thus, F[Positive] is committed to helping the woman who wants more out of life, to grow in the confidence of who she is. This, in turn, will give her the courage she needs to pursue her passions, to live authentically and unapologetically, and to embrace all that give her the power to discover her true potential.

The goal of F[Positive] is to help women gain a deeper understanding of themselves and inspire them to live their purpose. F[Positive], through thought provoking resources and services, aims to cultivate a positive mindset that frees women from limiting beliefs holding them back and introduces a new way of thinking that empowers women to live authentically.

For the woman who is tired of living with self-doubt, fear, discontentment in life, and a sense of failure, F[Positive] is for you. Everything starts with the desicion to change and grow into the woman you always wanted. Come and be part of a growing community that is committed to building you up and helping you live a life of passion, happiness and freedom.

You can live life confidently and courageously. In fact, you should live life no other way. So goodbye to a mediocre life and hello to a life of promise, authenticity, and fulfilled dreams.

Goodbye conventional woman.
Hello confident, courageous you.

Why Female Positive?

You can not live a positive life with a negative mind. F[Positive] was created by the idea of helping women cultivate a positive mindset that allows them to be more confident in who they are. We help you deconstruct negative beliefs that hold you back and redefine who you truly are. We are committed to bring the best out of you and we know how to do that!

Why Forward Thinking?

Moving forward is about adopting a new way of thinking! Without being open to a new perception, life will always remain the same. F[Positive] embraces creative thinking and a more intuitive approach to defining who you are. We believe that greatness starts with lateral thinking and out of the box ideas, that allows you to become a truly powerful creator of the life your visualized.

A Unique Approach

I wanted to bring into my coaching all of my experience, lessons, wisdom and approach to life in a coaching method that is specifically designed to take you from where you currently stand to where you really want to be.

What makes F[Positive] stand out is it’s unique approach to building confidence in who you are. F[Positive] moves away from the traditional idea that you just have to be one thing in life. I believe that failure in experiencing life to our full potential is the reason of creating a void inside us; the feeling that there is something missing - an important part of ourselves! How can we feel confident when we settle for less of who we truly are?

You are much more than that you think you are! Being and living all of who you are is what builds unshakable confidence and the life of your dreams. I believe that each of us have a unique set of skills and talents, abilities and vision, that set us apart from the rest. That's our true power; being all of who we really are, doing all of what we truly love!

Based on this philosophy, I have developed all the tools you need to live a happier, fulling, extraordinary life! Not only the life of your dreams, but also an inspiring way of living that helps others along the way. I believe that everyone deserves to be their best and live life with passion!


Hi there,

I'm Sofia and I was always inspired by people living a life beyond the norm, those who stand out of the crowd, the ones who make the impossible possible.  I have always had a deep desire and vision to walk alongside women who are seeking the more in life, who are not content in being confined by societal norms and expectations but who want to leave their mark in this world. From this passion and my own journey and life experiences to date, I am launching F[Positive] which I hope will help women worldwide live a completely authentic, passionate, and free life.

I have always been curious about human potential, often wondering what causes people to become genuinely happy, successful, and free to create the world they have always wanted. I wanted to understand why some struggle in life whereas others thrive regardless of the challenges they face, no matter how dire those challenges are.

After several failed attempts at corporate jobs and a lot of uncertainty about my future, I realised that I wasn’t made to live a conventional life. I had a diverse combination of interests and skills and a huge difficulty finding only one thing to be in life. I experienced the feelings of being lost, stressed and disappointed by the numerous efforts to fit in rather conforming roles. I knew I was more, trying to be less in a reality that never felt happy.

Being determined to discover my full potential, I gave up the security of everything familiar. I left Greece and after traveling, I ended up in Australia, where I started a new life from literally nothing. I began a multitude of odd jobs to keep a roof over my head, while I was slowly building my dream from ground up. To date, I’m proud that I have created a strong online presence through my lifestyle blog, modelling work and social media that touch thousands.

Everything started with nothing more than a passion and  a vision to inspire others to follow their dreams.

In this journey, I rediscovered my true self and that my greater purpose was to not only be an entrepreneur and visionary (as it were) but also to inspire others to transform their lives. I had found my purpose in life; I could leave a lasting impact on this world and the people around me, inspiring them to live a positive life.

Leaving my family and all that was familiar to me in Greece to forge a new life for myself abroad was only the first step towards claiming my authenticity and freeing myself from settling for less than what I knew I deserved. Life is precious and every day is an investment towards our happiness. I believe that we own to ourselves to live an authentic life; a life of truth, purpose and courage with no more fear. It’s time to be you passionately and authentically. (For more about me, visit my personal blog).

I am just who I am,
navigating through life and exploring countless possibilities.

Sofia Hills

The brand - An Inspired Idea

Behind every brand there is a person, a story and a mission. When I embarked for a life changing journey, I had only a passion and a vision of leaving a legacy behind me. I wanted to inspire others to follow their dreams and live their life as they always wanted, so I started blogging about all the things I love!

Despite, that my current lifestyle may be an inspiration for many, I felt that I had to take a more active role into helping others achieving their dreams. It’s all about this first decision, of stepping out of your comfort zone and having the courage to explore life's countless possibilities. Life is pretty amazing when you are willing to take the risk of discovering all of who you are!

However, one of the biggest challenges I faced during this transitional period of my life, was that I didn't have the mentors and support I needed. In 2016, I had a "aha" moment where the inspired idea of F[Positive] popped in my mind, and ever since, a quite unexplainable synchronicity of events lead me into coaching.

I reckon it was a natural aftermath. After years of working towards my personal goals, I have more than just a good understanding of life. I would say I gained valuable worldly wisdom, I developed my own philosophy, and I wanted to share it in a more meaningful way, with those who want to step into their true potential.

You see, one of the biggest lessons I learned, is that it’s not really the end goal that makes the journey worthwhile, but all the steps in between. 

Looking back from where I started to where I am now, I would say that I'm a totally new person. My life has taken a totally new direction that is more than I ever imagined. I have become a new woman with a completely different perception about life. All the circumstances I faced, have transformed me into today's Sofia.

Over these years, as a self-made individual, I have taken risks, made mistakes, and lived an life rich in experiences, good and bad. I would say that I have lived numerous lives into one! I traveled alone and lived abroad, in diverse environments and different cultures. I met people from all walks of life, I listened and learned.

I have lived in extremes, and I have reached both the highs and lows of life. I have experienced scarcity and comfort, failure and success, love and loneliness, happiness and being depressed, feeling lost and feeling inspired, feeling trapped and feeling free. So, wherever you currently stand, it's more likely I can help you, because I've been there! I know the feelings, as well as the way out of it! F[Positive] is not just a brand, a method or coaching. It is the aftermath of real LIFE, backed up with experience.

Most of all, throughout these years the most valuable experience was learning to follow my own unique path, and trusting all of who I am. Achieving our dreams is only the result of who we become.

Are you ready to discover all of who you are?

Live life with passion

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