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We all want to live a meaningful, extraordinary life! A life full of love, excitement, passion, freedom and fulfillment! A life that we feel that we are the best we can be! Most of all, a life that we feel that aligns with our soul's purpose, we are happy and proud of. 

What is the secret to:

  • be unapologetically you?
  • live an inspiring life, a reality that makes you wake up everyday with a passion for life?
  •  turn your dreams and everything you love into reality? Your current reality?
  • create your own success story?
  • live a life that you feel so excited about? Whether it is your relationships, career, and everything in between?

I found that the no-brainer secret to a happy life is CONFIDENCE. Unshakable confidence is all you need for living a life that is true to who you really are. Everything we experience in life, is a reflection of our own inner self. Whether is your career, love life, friends, family, health everything starts from your beliefs about who you are . How can you succeed in anything in life, without having trust in yourself? 

 Based on this understanding, I created a simple, yet effective method for transforming  you into the powerful creator you are!

Is your life like that?

  • You currently do what you love.
  • You feel fulfilled and inspired.
  • You work towards your dreams and have a vision for life. 
  • You are true to yourself, confident about your decisions and who you really are.
  • You feel healthy and energized.
  • You achieve everything you want in life, despite the challenges along the way.
  • You feel appreciated and loved from the people around you, whether is your work environment, love life, your friends or family.
  • You feel that life flows and goes the way you want it.
  • You feel that your life is organized in ways that allow you more space to create.

Or, things seem a little bit like that?

  • You simply can’t get around the feeling that something is missing in your life.
  • You wake up every morning feeling unmotivated, struggling going through another day. 
  • You feel quite lost and confused about who you truly are and what's your life's direction.
  • You feel drained by life's responsibilities, the daily routine, and social expectations. 
  • You find hard to just be one thing in life. 
  • You work and give your best, but somehow you don't get what you work for.
  • There is no enough time in the day and space for you to enjoy life.
  • You know you are more, but you feel that you settle for much less that you deserve. 
  • The things that once excited you, aren't sparking your passion for life anymore.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Time for a CHANGE?

If you are ready to become the best version of yourself, here are a few ways we can work together and create the life you want:

Join the F[Positive] Insider: Serious changes starts with seeds well plant! Become part of the F[Positive] Insider for receiving regular reminders, free content, access to resources, inspiration, member discounts and much more! Sign up to the F[Positive] Insider or join our Facebook community. Get access now to all you need for creating the life you love!

Book an online workshop: The online workshops were specifically designed to bring the best out of you! You are more! Discover the true you, define your vision, re-connect with your creative feminine side and become more confident in yourself, body and mind. We will dive into the hidden aspects of your inner self, we will define who you want to be and how to live a more conscious life.

Join the F[Positive] Group Coaching: “I am more” F[Positive] group coaching is here to bring the change you need in your life! During these sessions we'll have the opportunity to discuss what does it mean to be the Fierce, Fearless, Feminine and Fit woman you can become. The group coaching aims to build a more confident you, boost your creativity and expand your perception about life and who you truly are.

Book your One to One Coaching sessions: Here is where ambition meets commitment. Here's where true transformation happens. Together we will work in areas of your life that you feel that you need to change. We will identify all of who you are, the good and the bad. We will deconstruct limiting beliefs, overcome fear, set new goals and create the life you are destined to live!

Are you ready to step into your true potential?

If life is not quite the way you want, together we can: 

  •  Start living more authentically
  • Learn to express yourself in your own unique ways
  • Have the courage to be different
  • Overcome fear and doubt
  • Create confidence in who you are





  • Live life by your values
  • Create lasting change
  • Set new goals and make them happen
  • Commit in creating the life you want
  • Develop a different way of thinking

Contact me to find out how we can work together!

If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.

Maya Angelou

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