Are you a certified coach?

Yes I am and I'm glad that you asked! I hold a number of mindset coaching certifications in areas such as:

  • Personal Growth and Success
  • Developing Happiness Strategies
  • Goal Setting and Time Management
  • Increasing Social Influence
  • Building Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • The Phycology of Authenticity
  • Discovering your Life Purpose
  • Reframing and Neuroscience
  • NLP Methods
  • Embodying your Feminine Essence
  • Fitness

Being always curious about the human mind and potential I have invested not only in advancing my knowledge and skills as a coach in order to bring the best out of you, but I continuously work on my personal self-development.

Want to know more about me and my educational background? Check out my blog and its FAQs

How to know when to hire a coach?

Knowing when to hire a mindset coach can seem challenging. Fortunately, with a bit of self-awareness and digging deeper into yourself, you’ll be able to identify whether or not you need a mindset coach.

Wanting more in life
Let’s face it, a conventional life often leaves women who know they can be more dissatisfied and frustrated. The common questions of "Is there more to me than this?" ,"Is this all there is to life?" ,"Are my dreams really that difficult to achieve?" are some of the telltale signs that a mindset coach can help unlock your power and propel you towards the full life that you are destined for.

Desiring to know your authentic self
Many women are in the process of discovering how to be confident in their authentic self. What does authenticity mean? Can you really live confident in happy with being yourself? These are some of the questions a mindset coach can address. Many ways exist for your to live in all that you are and do so confidently and unapologetically.

Feeling trapped in other people’s ideas and expectations
Do you want to break free from other people’s ideas and expectations and ideas of who you should be and the life that you should live? A mindset coach helps you to do just that. You can live your life and I’ll show you how.

What is mindset coaching not?

As a mindset coach, my role is to guide you through a process of inner understanding and self-reflection. I do not provide you with advice. I'm not here to tell you what is right or wrong. It is crucial to your confidence that you work out those goals you need to achieve your dreams and come to a realisation of how incredible you are. My goal is to empower you not advise you.

Also, it is important to understand the difference between coaching and therapy. I do not provide therapy, since I am not a therapist but a coach. As such, If you feel that is essential to seeing a therapist, I would recommend scheduling therapy sessions either before or alongside my coaching sessions.

What is your role as a mindset coach?

As a mindset coach, my role is to help you identify those preconceived ideas, misconceptions, fears, and other limitations that are stopping you from living your dream life. I come alongside you to inspire you towards courage and help you discover the beauty of who you are. This, in turn, produces an unshakeable confidence.

In addition to this, I help you to identify the goals you need to achieve to live the life you’ve always dreamed of and wanted. Together, we keep you motivated and on track as you work towards making your dreams a reality. Mindset is everything!

What is my role in mindset coaching?

Those who come to me for mindset coaching need to be committed to the process. You may have heard the saying "You can’t help those who don’t want help". Mindset coaching requires that you are committed to helping yourself and growing into the authentic, confident and powerful woman you are meant to be.

This entails being available for the sessions on time, being prepared and having engaged yourself to the exercises and techniques involved. The more you do this, the more you will benefit from the sessions and see great personal growth.

What areas do you coach in?

My coaching is mainly focused on bringing the best out of you! Simply as that, I want to help you become  a more confident courageous person, who has cultivated a positive way of thinking and is ready to live the life of her dreams.

Here's a few ways we can do that:

  • Authentic self-expression and individuality
  • Building courage and confidence in who you are
  • Self-awareness and inner-understanding
  • Female leadership
  • A new way of committing to your health and fitness
  • Finding happiness in life
  • Stepping into your true power
  • Overcoming fear and limiting beliefs
  • Developing a new creative way of thinking
  • Self-love, acceptance and forgiveness
  • Self-image
  • Setting goals and the way to success

Some of the above are available topics in my workshops, group coaching and one to one coaching.


What do the one to one coaching sessions entail?

Each session is about 45 minutes duration with one session per week, 3 times a month. This largely depends on the package you choose. All packages are made to suit your personal needs, however it is recommended we have our sessions minimum 3 times a month. Sessions are more frequently conducted via Skype in order to reach women across the world.

What skills do you use as a mindset coach?

As a mindset coach, I use the following methods and skills to ensure that you get the most from each session. I will:

  • Ask you a lot of reflective questions in order to get deeper in all of who you are.
  • Actively listen to you with compassion, empathy and deep understanding.
  • Discuss and brainstorm about your goals, action plan and everything in between.
  • Introduce you in new methods and ways of thinking, providing you all the tools you need.
  • Identify and deconstruct limiting beliefs and fears
Are the sessions confidential?

Yes, all mindset coaching sessions are treated with complete confidentiality. All my clients are treated with respect and their privacy is highly valued.

Do you exclusively work with women?

F[Positive] as a mindset coaching brand is dedicated to inspire women to follow their dreams and discover their true potential. However, sharing my experience and knowledge to date has no gender. I'm happy to work with individuals, both men and women,  who I feel I can truly help.

Are the coaching sessions refundable?

No. From the moment you choose to sign up in one of my workshops/programs there is no option of refund. If at some point you feel that you are not quite ready yet for coaching, you can transfer your sessions to another person. All prices are in USD$

Can I reschedule a session?

Yes, you can giving me 48 hours notice. Missed sessions without notice are not refundable. All coaching programs come with a very flexible scheduling plan, so we make sure that if you are unable to keep up with the weekly sessions for whatever reason, you will still have time to complete it all!



Can I purchase any of your coaching services as a gift for someone?

It sounds great idea, however you should consider that me and my potential client have to be a good match. Coaching is a very personal matter, and the people I work with have to feel comfortable with me, in making a change and feeling ready to commit in the process.

What is your time zone?

I'm currently based in Bali, Indonesia. UTC+08:00. However, I do seasonally travel to Europe and Australia.

What is the end result?

By the end of your mindset coaching journey, you will find yourself having a completely new way of thinking. A new approach to life, that will unable you to live your dreams and chart your own unique path! Whatever you decide to do, you will have the confidence to be authentically and unapologetically you. This is what is to step into your own true power and honoring all of who you are.

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