Boost confidence in yourself? Isn't confidence a gift where some people have it and others don't? Not at all. Confidence is a behavior that becomes a lifelong habit. Its the attitude we have towards ourselves. A person with low self-confidence will regularly question their self-worth, capacities and abilities. When things don't go according to plan or mistakes happen, those people with low self-confidence easily think that they lack the skills or the ability to make their plans a success.

People with healthy self-confidence believe in themselves and have this incredible ability to inspire confidence in others. They carry with them a positive outlook and face their fears head on, knowing that conquering their fears will lead to more personal growth. They are happy with who they are and respect themselves.

What separates people with high confidence from those with low-confidence is one thing: They are their biggest fans. Who is going to believe in you if you don't believe in yourself? Remember, you set the tone for what other people will see and how they will respond based on your attitude towards yourself.

To help boost confidence in yourself, here are a five tips to grow your confidence:

1. Focus on the positive

Analyze the way you talk and perceive life. Are you positive or negative? At the same time, assess your relationships for those ones that are toxic because of the negative impact on your confidence as well as their negative outlook. It may be time to allow some distance between yourself and those people in your life that are harming your confidence instead of helping you boost it.

Surround yourself with relationships that will inspire you to be better and reach your full potential.

2. Work on your internal mantra

You also need to work on finding the positive in your life. You are the only one who can manage you. Yes, we can see the facts or realities of life but you get to choose the end of your story. Facts and realities of life do not define you; you define yourself. Make sure that your internal voice is positive and uplifting. Life is too short to focus on a plethora of negativity.

Instead of thinking how you can't do something, change your internal mantra to what you can do and who you really are. No more, I'm not good enough or I'm not clever enough. These only serve to lower your confidence and become self-fulfilling prophecies. For every negative thought that races through your mind, replace it with the positive. I am good enough. I am smart. I am excellent at marketing strategies (or whatever else you are good at).

3. Pay attention to your body language

Non verbal communication occurs more than we realize. It's in the way we carry ourselves, our posture, and so much more. While our speech and articulation do have a role to play in conveying confidence, our body language is even more so.

To boost confidence in yourself, stand with your legs slightly apart this will convey confidence; keep an eye on your posture being sure to pull your shoulders back and keep your back long. While you are focusing on your posture, maintain eye contact where appropriate and don't forget to smile. Eye contact tells the other person that you are interested and engaged int he conversation while a smile conveys appreciation, warmth, relaxedness and friendliness.

When you speak, focus on speaking slowly and clearly. This will help you to come across as confident in your message instead of nervous or in a hurry.

4. Step out of your comfort zones

To be confident, you need to be prepared to take risks by stepping out of your comfort zones. For instance, you may need to take that first step to say hello to a complete stranger at your next social event. The more you try those things that are out of your comfort zone or you are not sure if you can do them, the more you will discover about yourself. You'll realize that you can do and be so much more than you thought.

5. Be authentic - know who you are

Boost confidence in yourself by taking the time to discover your authentic self. ( Read my post on How to live a life true to you – Live AuthenticKnow who you are including your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, your passions and dreams, etc.

Living authentic is the best way to boost confidence in yourself. When you are confident in yourself, the world is your stage.

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