When you think of feminine, you may find that you automatically think along the lines of feminism where women are to be equal with men and fiercely independent (not to mention the whole burning your bra in protest). Yet, feminine is so different from feminism.

Sadly, over time, we have lost our value and appreciation for the feminine energy. We live in a world that has been shaped from a patriarchal and male perspective and approach. For a long time in history, the feminine traits were valued yet taken advantage of all at the same time. Due to the oppression of women and the subservience women became subjected to, feminism arose causing the pendulum to swing to the other extreme. Today, women have risen up in remarkable strength and have had to tap into the male views and definitions. Instead of equality between men and women, competition arose allowing the suppression of many beautiful feminine traits. Psychology shows us that each of us need to learn the art of balancing masculine feminine energies since we have varying degrees of each within our personalities and characters.

An overview of male traits vs feminine traits

The masculine energy encompasses confidence, ambition, independence, competitiveness, aggression, risk taking, to the point, problem solving, etc. These are the fundamental traits that have built society, business, politics and the world we know it today (well...for the most part). On the other hand, feminine traits include empathy, compassion, gentleness, patience, nurturing, honesty, intuition, creativity etc. We see the feminine traits predominantly in caring environments such as nursing, family life, care giving, teaching, social work, psychology, etc.

Psychology teaches us that both men and women can have one of the following:

  • A higher level of male energy - for example a high level of independence and desire for freedom
  • A high level of female energy - for example, a predisposition towards gentleness or compassion
  • A mix of both male and female energy - for example, a desire for freedom and independence yet gentleness and compassion are just as strong.

At the end of the day, every person in the world has both energies to some degree or other. Plus, our social interactions and lifestyles require that we interact with both energies.  We need to find how to live in all areas of life by balancing masculine feminine energies.

Balancing masculine feminine energies

We experience an imbalance between these energies when we are constantly in action with planning, strategizing, logic, business and more. We lose touch with that lighthearted and fun side - the side that let's you have your hair down, throw your head back and laugh, or be in touch with your emotions. In the same breath, sitting on the couch all day feeling miserable and helpless is just as imbalanced. Fortunately, there are ways to balancing masculine feminine energies within you.

Increase the feminine energy:

  1. Spend time with yourself and take the time to learn what you like or don't like, how you like to be touched, what your favorite smells, foods, etc are. What are your dreams? Who are you?
  2. Laugh often because it lightens your mood and allows you to be fully in the now. With laughter you are embracing the moment fully.
  3. Practice trust. Whether it is trusting the Divine or the people around you, trust reduces fear thus lowering your cortisol (stress) levels and helping you to let go of what you can't control. Trust that things will work out in the end even if its different to what you planned.
  4. Get outdoors. Nature is excellent in balancing masculine feminine energies. Admire the colors around you, the strength and gentleness of trees. Allow nature to relax you and inspire your creativity. Slow down and be in the moment.

Increase the masculine energy

  1. Exercise your independence by thinking of decisions you can make that will empower you and move you towards your goals and dreams.
  2. Strategize and problem solve your steps to make your dreams a reality. This may include research and laying out your five year plan. Assess your life for those areas that you want to make improvements in and work out how you can bring about the change that you are looking for.
  3. Confidence building is another essential part of increasing the masculine energy in your life. This is particularly true for women who are wanting to increase their self-confidence. For more on how to improve your self-confidence read here.

What do you classify as feminine traits and male traits?

How would you create a balance between these two energies?


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